Board of Directors

Our Board has 12-14 members who meet every month on the third Wednesday of the month from September to June. Additionally, Board members serve on at least one of 6 Board committees:


  • Executive and Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Supplier Liaison
  • Fundraising and Public Relations
  • French Language Services
  • Nominating

Board of Directors:

Lisa Wilson, President
William Houston, Vice-President
Yolande Cremer, Secretary
Sheryl Urie, Treasurer
Stuart McLeod, Past President
Suzanne Allyson, Director
Walter Davidson, Director
Tony Horava, Director
Midleé Lemoine, Director
Maroun Rehayem, Director
Jonathan Rybicki, Director
Sally Thornton, Director


Did you know?

In the Fall of 1968, Island Lodge (now Garry J. Armstrong Centre) offered to provide 24 meals each day and now has the distinction of being the longest serving meal provider.