Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Meals on Wheels seeks to be the collaborative leader in Eastern Ontario in the delivery of nutritious and affordable meals to persons in need and facilitate for them a point of contact within the health system.

Our Mission

Meals on Wheels/La Popote roulante is a not-for-profit agency that promotes the dignity, health and independence of people who are elderly, have disabilities or are convalescing in our catchment area by:

-Delivering Affordable and Nutritious Meals to Persons in Need

  • Setting standards of quality of meals that kitchens must meet
  • Monitoring the quality and rectifying problems with the kitchens as necessary
  • Minimizing costs of meals to clients

-Being a Point of Contact within the Health System

  • Checking welfare of clients when delivering meals
  • Alerting contacts/emergency services if required

-Collaborating Leadership

  • Working with other organizations in Eastern Ontario to develop a coordinated system for serving people in need
  • Developing a system of best practices which can be shared with other organizations


Did you know?

Meals on Wheels moved to its present location, at 670 Albert Street, in October 2009. From 1987 to 2009, the office was located on Bronson Avenue.