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Corporate or employer-supported volunteerism refers to a range of ways that corporations encourage and enable employees to volunteer in their communities.

Corporate Delivery Teams Delivering Meals for Lunch!

The Corporate Volunteer program offers a unique opportunity for companies and individual employees to help deliver Meals on Wheels during the lunch hour.

How the Program Works:

  • An individual employee becomes a corporate delivery Team Leader and acts as liaison with Meals on Wheels.
  • The Team Leader will coordinate with two co-workers to deliver between 11 a.m. and 1p.m. to a specific route weekly or bi-weekly.

Join Us!

Interested in joining our team of Corporate Volunteers?

Meet our Delivery Teams:

MBNA a Division of TD Bank Group

This team delivers Mondays on a route out of the Riverside Campus.

Meals on Wheels is a wonderfully run organization which provides much needed support to people who want to continue living independently but do require some care from the community. MOW gives you the opportunity to provide a warm meal and a friendly greeting to someone who may not be receiving this from anyone else. You may be their only contact for the day, this will leave you with a sense of appreciation for connection and community support.”  – Brittaney Chivers




Royal Bank of Canada

This team delivers weekly from different pick up locations.

“The experience has been both fun and rewarding. Giving back to the community always feels great, but I never realized how much you can impact a person’s day by something as simple as delivering a hot meal and asking how their day is.” –  Nick Vacher


Royal Lepage Team Realty

This team delivers Wednesdays on a route out of the Good Companions Seniors’ centre.

As REALTORS(R) we all spend our days helping people.  We help them buy and sell homes. Volunteering for Meals on Wheels is just another opportunity for us to help others. The smiling faces that greet us at every door we deliver a meal to, fills me with sunshine for the rest of the day.” – Linda McCallum

Corporate Fundraising Teams Making Dollars and Sense!

Challenge your employees or challenge your business partners and start a corporate fundraising team. Organize an event such as a golf tourney, boat cruise or simply a Friday jeans day. Your dollars and cents, helping others live independently!

Benefits of Corporate Volunteerism

  • Happier, more satisfied employees
  • Employees can develop new skills
    “…It’s a perfect way to develop your ability to work in teams or anything like that.”
  • Enhanced loyalty, satisfaction, and retention
    “The CVP provides incredible retention opportunities from an HR perspective because your employees feel very empowered and supported and they feel like they’ve had the respect of their company, so it certainly retains great talents.”
  • Higher levels of team spirit and cohesion among employees
    “We use volunteering as a bit of a team-building effort.”
  • Increased productivity
    “I think there’s great pride. I hear this all the time from employees, that they’re really proud to work for a company that supports the community and their efforts in the community.”
  • Increased visibility and exposure
    “Employees out in the community doing good work” you can’t ask for a better ambassador for your company.”
  • Enhanced public awareness of the organization
  • Improved relations with clients
    “It is good business to be perceived as somebody who’s very involved in the community. We have a lot of clients who are also established in this community and who are also involved with volunteerism, so, it’s not only good PR, it’s also good for the relationships with our clients.”

From Community & Corporate Perspectives on Corporate Volunteer Programs, A Win-Win Approach to Community Betterment© 2004 Canadian Centre for Philanthropy


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