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September 23, 2016

Mary Huang has been a volunteer for Meals on Wheels – La Popote roulante in Ottawa since March 2016.  In addition to being a delivery volunteer herself,  Mary knows the direct impact the service has on families as her own parents have been recipients of the program.

She wanted to spread the word about the good work being done by the Meals on Wheels program and the impact that the service has in the community.  This led her to ask if she might interview a client and volunteer and write a story to share with others.

Manager of Volunteer services, Jill Dodd, immediately thought of Bud.  In addition to receiving weekly meals to help him remain independent at home, Jill and her two teenage daughters also had the pleasure of delivering a special meal to Bud last year on Christmas day.

 “He was so grateful for the service, for the special meal and so happy to see our family. He gave us a little tour of his home, told us a little about himself and pointed out some of his favourite treasures and artwork on the walls.  It was a wonderful experience to take my daughters along for the meal delivery. Before we even got back to the car my girls knew they wanted to deliver again the next Christmas”

Jill knew Elliot Sherman would be a great volunteer to meet with Mary and Bud.  Elliot delivers meals several times a week to many clients in the Vanier area including Bud.  Elliot’s compassion and commitment to his volunteer role is evident to anyone who knows him.

Many thanks to Bud and Elliot for agreeing to share their story and to Mary for writing it.

We are so pleased to have it appear this week on the apt613 blog.

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Are you a meals on wheels client or family member who would like to share a story of the impact the service has had in your life?

Are you a Meals on Wheels volunteer who would like to share what delivering meals and a caring contact means to you?

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