Annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception

Due to the current pandemic, we cannot gather in person to thank and show appreciation for our volunteers. However, an event such as our usual much loved celebration dinner is just one way to thank volunteers. During these unprecedented times, we are looking for new and innovative ways to show our appreciation to our dedicated volunteers. One way is to improve their experience by offering them a more interactive and virtual way to engage with us. As the world increasingly moves to a virtual one, we think it’s important to invest in our volunteers. We simply wouldn’t exist without them.

We are excited to be launching soon a new volunteer database where each volunteer can log into their own portal, see their schedule, accept shifts, and receive training. We are excited to build in recognition through offering ongoing training opportunities and find new ways to show our appreciation during this time of social distancing. As everyone struggles with self-care and mental wellbeing, this new database can also offer us an easy way to deliver tips and resources to support the wellbeing of our volunteers as they work hard to ensure the wellbeing of those most vulnerable in our community.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to support our new volunteer database and development of virtual training modules during this time.

Did you know?

Meals on Wheels moved to its present location, at 670 Albert Street, in October 2009. From 1987 to 2009, the office was located on Bronson Avenue.