Meet Our Volunteers

Thank You to Our Wonderful Volunteers!

Every spring we invite our volunteers to our annual volunteer reception. This past year’s reception was held April 19th, 2017 at The Good Companions Centre and recognized and thanked our volunteers.

500 Hours:
Garry Bitz
Jo Buss
Quiller Graham
Rémy Poulin
Gilbert Malboeuf
Beverley Wells
Janet Smith
Colleen Turcotte
David Brearley
Patty Mitchelmore
Milt Mitchelmore

1000 Hours:
Suzanne Allyson-Morello
David Boon
Leslie Brayman
Louise Gallagher
Raye McKnight
Joyce Moore
Tom Moore
Brian Waters

1500 Hours:
Kris Bekal
Dana Clark
Joan Hines
Barb Leduc
Stephen Taylor

2000 Hours:
Helen Groh
Mary Okopna

Meals on Wheels volunteers Denise Inglis and Marie Paquette make a great team delivering a weekly route in downtown Ottawa by bicycle. Recently they were interviewed by freelance writer Theresa Wallace for an article in Canadian Cycling Magazine. The article appears in the December and January 2013 issue.

View the article here: Not-for-profit expands deliveries by bike

marie and denise

Meet Andrea

andrea bacsfalusiMeals on Wheels volunteer Andrea Bacsfalusi’s passions include biking, community and volunteerism. Delivering meals by bike to the folks in her China Town and Little Italy community during her lunch break from her job as a Volunteer Advisor at Cuso International is a perfect break in the day! I love my neighbourhood in Ottawa and Meals on Wheels gave me a delivery route that allows me to meet members of my very own community that I may not meet otherwise. I am from Montreal originally and used to do a Meals on Wheels route by bike there too. I love the exercise, the fresh air and the smiles I get from the clients when I show up at their door with their meal in hand wearing my bicycle helmet.

Meet Louis

louis wagnerLouis has been delivering a small route from the Glebe Center every Saturday since October 2009. After I started doing bike courier work last year I became interested in other ways to do some environmentally friendly work when I was approached by someone who suggested I contact Meals on Wheels about delivering. Since then it’s been an opportunity to help people that are in my neighbourhood and it’s made me feel more at home. I like knowing that someone is depending on me and to be greeted every week. I look forward to every Saturday I deliver, and it helps me get moving and seize the day!

Did you know?

The first Meals on Wheels newsletter was published in 1984.