Meet Our Volunteers

Thank You to Our Wonderful Volunteers!

Every spring we invite our volunteers to our annual volunteer reception. This past year’s reception was held June 8th, 2018 at The Good Companions Centre and recognized and thanked our volunteers.

500 Hours:

  • Tim Brown
  • Ron Gaudet
  • Liz Harris
  • Alfred Huber
  • Garry McCaffrey
  • Karen Miner
  • Earl Miner
  • Mark Nichols
  • Marie Paquette
  • Derek Smith
  • Barrie Smith
  • Penelope Tam
  • Lisa Wilson
  • Sylvia Wilson

1000 Hours:

  • Jo Buss
  • Janet Holgate
  • Bill Logan
  • Ron Mavis
  • Pheobe McLelland
  • Ann Rayner
  • Ron Shigeishi
  • Dorothy Shigeishi
  • Miriam Van Houten

1500 Hours:

  • Suzanne Allyson-Morello
  • Jack McKnight
  • Elliot Sherman
  • Sara Wiebe

2000 Hours:

  • Brian Gibbs
  • Steve Taylor

2500 Hours: 

Francoise Malboeuf

3000 Hours: 

Lucas Rodgers

25 Years: 

Pam Young

30 Years: 

Elizabeth Mason

35 Years: 

Theresa Grolway

A volunteer profile

Meals on Wheels volunteers Denise Inglis and Marie Paquette make a great team delivering a weekly route in downtown Ottawa by bicycle. They were interviewed by freelance writer Theresa Wallace for an article in Canadian Cycling Magazine. The article appears in the December and January 2013 issue.

View the article here: Not-for-profit expands deliveries by bike

marie and denise


Did you know?

The first Meals on Wheels newsletter was published in 1984.