Volunteer Driver Mileage Claims

December 9, 2016

Did you know that last year Meals on Wheels drivers gave almost $25,000 through donating their mileage?  THANK YOU! This generous donation is an important part of reaching our fundraising goals!

Mileage Claims will be due by Dec 31st for 2016. If you haven’t already filed your claim you can find the form you need here.

You have 2 options when filing a mileage claim.

Fill in your routes for any dates in which you were the driver using your own vehicle and

1) Select option 1 if you would like to donate your mileage amount back to Meals on Wheels. Thank you!

2) Select option 2 to be reimbursed by cheque.

You’ll notice our new Mileage claim has two deadlines. As this is a new procedure, we will accept claims for the whole year for 2016.

Going forward, we ask that you submit your claims for January 2017—March 31st 2017 at the end of March. For the period from  April 1st until the end of 2017, please submit at the end of December 2017.

This will help us to meet our receipting requirements for both the end of our fiscal year and the calendar year.